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The burial Flat Grave Markers are set flush to the ground also called flush or grass markers, and they are the smallest memorials. Flat Markers that make a wonderful tribute to your beloved ones or your pet generally made from bronze or granite and are often less than one inch above the ground.

memorial markerGranite Flat Grave Markers are normally set flush with the encompassing ground or set on a raised base.  Flat grave markers between the sizes 8x16x4 and 24x12x4 usually have only the basic information engraved on them such as the deceased name, birth year, death date, an epitaph that's three to four words long and a design.  Flat markers can come in different sizes, colors, and can also be used as companion style markers.  Sometime families like to include their Loved One's military rank, branch of service, or the war and country the individual served in if they were in the military. Flat markers can be discovered in "garden style" graveyards or in special sections of the cemetery graveyards to show a certain "open" appearance.

Inscriptions on the flat markers:
* In Loving Memory
* A Loyal Friend
* Faithful Companion
* Always Remembered and Loved
* The Best Friend I’ve Ever Known
* We Love & Miss You
* Forever In Our Hearts
* Rest in Peace
* One Of A Kind

Flat Grave Markers are available in Granite, Marble and bronze. The 24×12’ for single markers and 36”x12” for companion usually the stone in 4 inches thick. What makes the difference between a Raised Stone and a Flat marker is the way that they are installed. The raised stones are normally set on a concrete base and the flat stones are set in the ground at grass level.

Choosing the right style, type of stone and the design is made easy with the large selection in the show room along with the hundreds of photos that can be reviewed. Different choices available for stones include colors, polished, smooth or rought edges, and bronze plaques.

And almost all coulors are available including black, white, blue, green, pink, red, gray, brown and even green. Click HERE to see a sample of some colors of headstones available.

For a free quoation on a flat grave marker, flat memorial or even pet marker or on anything you may require just Email to Us. We are looking forward to being of service to you. 

Flat Grave Markers Grass Markers

black grave marker
Black Flat Marker
light grey flat marker
Light Grey Marker
serpentine upright headstone
Ever Green Grave Marker
red memorial marker
Red Flat Marker
g633 benvel marker
G633 Benvel Marker
blue pearl memorial marker
Blue Pearl Memorial
saw cutblack marker
Saw Cut Black
saw cut marker
Saw Cut Ever Green
g633 granite marker
G633 24X12X4
raised markers
Raised Grave Marker
china pink memorial marker
China Pink Marker
red gravestone
AnxiRed Grave Marker
benvel grave marker
Benvel Grave Marker
upright headstone with lady
Black Flat Grave Marker
grey flat grave markers
Grey Flat Marker
red flat grave marker
Red Grave Marker
white grave marker
White Flat Marker
black grassmarker
Black Marker
memorial marker
Grey Flat Marker
flat marker
Flat Marker
flat single marker
Black Single Flat Marker
memorial marker
Black Memorial Marker
cat memorial marker
Cat Memorial Marker
dog pet marker
Dog Memorial Marker