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Slant Memorial Stones are a one type of the Monuments for memorializing a person. Granite slant Grave Markers can be single or double. They generally stand typically sixteen or so inches above the ground with a vertical back and a polished face sloping at forty five degrees. Slant Memorial Headstones are customarily supported by a foundation and often have a base that will raise the monument off the ground.

Slant Memorial Monuments can be ordered with or without a granite 4” or 6” base under it. A base is also a good way to avoid hiding the lettering from the grass and can also add to the monument's look. The slant shape headstones are an ideal kind of headstone, and are a good compromise between the pillow style monument and the upright.

The back may also be engraved with the family name, poems, photos or designs. Black granite, Anxi Red, Evergreen and Butterfly Green monuments may also be laser etched with advanced designs or etched photos of your beloved. Our Slant monuments come in all different configurations and sizes. They also can come in unique colours and granite types. 

And almost all coulors are available including black, white, blue, green, pink, red, gray, brown and even green. Click HERE to see a sample of some colors of headstones available.

For a free quoation on a flat grave marker, flat memorial or even pet marker or on anything you may require just Email to Us. We are looking forward to being of service to you. 

Slant Memorial Stones

red double slant
Red Double Slant
double memorial stone
Red Double Slant
red slant memorial
Red Slant Memorial
red memorial marker
Red Slant Marker
memorial marker
Black Memorial Marker
red slant tombstone
Red Slant Tombstone
red slant memorial marker
Red Slant Memorial Marker
india red slant memorial
India Red Slant Memorial
slant marker
Slant Marker
red slant grave marker
Red Slant Grave Marker
slant memorial stone with insert
Slant Memorial With Insert
slant with vases photo
Slant with Vases Photo
anxi red granite
Anxi Red Slant
anxi red slant monument
Anxi Red Slant
china pink granite slant memorial
China Pink Slant
red slant monument
Red Slant Monument
pink slant grave marker
Pink Slant Grave Marker
slant pink grassmarker
Pink Slant Grassmarker
pink slant gravestone
Pink Slant Gravestone
pink slant marker
Pink Slant Marker
pink slant monument
Pink Slant Monument
pink slant marker
Pink Slant Gravestone
slant marker
Slant Marker
slant memorial with photo
Slant Memorial With Photo
slant stone marker
Slant Grave Marker
grey memorial stone
Grey Slant Memorial Stone
slant memorial with statue
Slant with Statue
grey slant headstone
Grey Slant Headstone
companion slant memorial
Grey Companion Slant
companion slant stone
Companion Slant Stone
grey slant grave marker
Grey Slant Marker
slant single monument
Slant Single Monument
blue pearl gravestone
Blue Pearl Slant Marker
slant design
Slant Design
grey slant memorial
Grey Slant Memorial
grey slant monument
Grey Slant Monument
grey slant memorial
Grey Slant Memorial
flat single marker
Black Single Flat Marker
double grey slant
Double Grey Slant
g633 slant marker
G633 Slant Marker
cat memorial marker
Cat Memorial Marker
g688 granite grave marker
G688 Granite Slant Marker
g633 granite memorial stone
G633 Granite Slant Memorial
grey slant memorial
Grey Slant Monument
grey slant marker
Grey Slant Marker
dark grey slant memorial
Dark Grey Slant Memorial
slant marker
Slant Grave Marker
ever green granite memorial
Ever Green Saw Cut
green slant memorial
Green Slant Memorial
blue pearl companion
Blue Pearl Companion
jet black slant marker
Jet Black Granite Slant
black slant grave marker
Black Slant Grave Marker
black slant memorial
Black Slant Memorial
black granite slant
Black Granite Slant
single slant memorial
Black Single Slant Memorial
book style memorial
Book Style Slant
book style slant
Book Style Slant